Each project differs by the nature of the envisaged work and by its technical and industrial environment.

Yacht Concept can manage all or part of the conception, management and monitoring requirements.

In 2004, Yacht Concept developed quite a new “profession” in the marine industries: that of project manager, combining project management and engineering.

Managing projects from start to finish, from drawing up the specifications all the way to the yacht’s final delivery, and asserting the creed “a solution for each project”- Yacht Concept rapidly proved how well-founded this concept was.

Today, Yacht Concept brings its expertise, experience and thoroughness in all projects of:

  • new construction
  • customization of production yachts
  • refit

whether for a sailing yacht, a motoryacht, a superyacht or a professional vessel, monohull or multihull..

A network of professionals, partners and subcontractors chosen for their thoroughness and the quality of their work, locally in La Rochelle as well as internationally.

Yacht Concept’s professionalism, together with their concern for quality, cost control and meeting deadlines, have won the trade’s confidence and a deserved popularity among their clients, private or professional owners, as well as renowned shipyards.

Finally, Yacht Concept is engaged in a process of constant improvement of the quality of their services, based on the demanding NF Services Nautisme standards.

Understanding and analysing the needs

Complete specifications of the project

  • use of the ship
  • vessel’s  functions
  • project related constraints
  • required quality level, etc.


Meeting the deadlines

Meticulous planning in the conception and production phases

  • GANTT diagram
  • monitoring the critical path
  • setting up the project’s milestones, etc.


Drawing up the files

Experience and competence for the project’s definition and call for tenders

  • drawing up the consultation files
  • comparative analysis of bids
  • negotiation
  • recommendation
  • setting up the bids’ contracts, etc.


Monitoring all the steps of conception

Coordination of all contributors in the project’s conception phase

  • technical coordination
  • oversee the coherence and compliance of the carried out studies, etc.


Monitoring all the steps of production

Follow-up with respect to deadlines, quality and costs

  • continuous validation of completed works
  • real-time communication with the client on the project’s progress, etc.


Managing the project financially

A constant supervision

  • checking the adherence to budgets
  • financial management of additional works
  • financial planning of project etc.


Project acceptance

Experience of manufactured works delivery operations

  • organisation of contradictory visits
  • writing minutes of acceptance etc.

Offering global solutions

Preliminary studies complying with the specifications

  • shapes
  • design
  • general plans of structures and fittings
  • provisional budget, etc.


Being accurate to the smallest detail

A strict and complete definition of the project’s elements

  • accurate design of structures
  • equipment
  • fittings and systems, etc.


Planning the project

A detailed proposal of execution plans before production


Managing procedures and regulations

Implementing certification, classification and probate procedures


Leaving tracks…

Handing all documents necessary to the boat’s use

  • owner’s manual
  • general plans
  • equipment maintenance notices and operating instructions, etc.