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04 November 2014

The start of a new beginning for the Hermione


The Hermione in a few key figures :

Length overall : 65m / 210 feet

Weight : 1001T loaded displacement

Sails : 2200m² / 7220 square feet


Since 2007, Yacht Concept has been working on the historical reconstruction of the 18th century Frigate Hermione, for which it was given the delicate mission of project management.

In order to achieve this, Yacht Concept used its skills in project management and engineering and adapted them to this unusual project, thereby managing the entirety of the design folders, planning, technical and financial follow-up, reception of works and ship classification.


The modern sailing constraints and the willingness of the Hermione La Fayette Association to create à Frigate identical to the original made this project an audacious one.


In order to rise up to the challenge, Yacht Concept took up the studies and project management of spars, deck hardware, standing and running rigging, sails, historical and modern interior accommodation, contemporary equipment such as the motorization, the plumbing, electricity, ventilation, etc… thereby creating the link between the 18th and the 21st century.





Regarding the propulsion of the engines, Yacht Concept used diesel-electric technology with azimuth thruster pods, chosen for their capacity to adapt themselves to the wooden structure of the ship, but also for the reduction in vibrations that such a technology comes with. The Hermione therefore has two generators which supply two electrical synchronous engines. A third, smaller generator has been installed to produce the energy needed for service on board.



Similarly to the motorization, Yacht Concept also designed and created the modern technical systems allowing 80 people to live on the ship day and night. For instance, the Hermione is equipped with an industrial sized kitchen fitted in the tightly spaced bilgeof the Frigate. The Hermione is equipped with bathrooms and modern bunks, and also has historically furnished cabins and hammocks.



Since the beginning of September, thanks to the confirmation of her sailing permit (approvals by the Bureau Veritas and the Affaires Maritimes), the Hermione has been able to perform her sea trials to check how all the equipment works and functions, and evaluate the ship’s behavior at sea, in all weather conditions. It must be said, the ships behavior at sea through rough conditions, and her performances under sail totally over-exceeded all expectations, with speeds above 12 knots.



On return to Rochefort’s dry-dock mid-November, the last few details will be installed on  the boat. Yacht Concept will then be able to finish the task entrusted to them a few years ago by the Hermione La Fayette Association.


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