Historical replicas
Other achievements


This project led by the association “Trois Mâts Basque” is aimed to rebuild a three-mast schooner from the end of 19th century, the Biscaye, used for food commodities transportation by the Basque sailors. It was sailing for extended journeys between the Basque region, Saint-Pierre-Et-Miquelon, and the Antilles.

The rebuilding of this ship will take place in Socoa near Saint Jean de Luz and it will last about 8 years. The association wants the shipyard to be open to the public.

The association expects to welcome passengers on board for visits and receptions at the dock, day navigations, coastal or offshore sailing trips.

Click here to download more technical information about Biscaye.

Reconstruction project: Xebec “La Galeotta”

This is an associative project taking place in Bastia, supported by the city and the community of Corsica whose goal is to launch the construction of a replica of the historic 1750’s -1760. This project is focused on the ship that initiated the actions of an emblematic character of the navy Corsica at this time: Pascal Paoli and his Xebec “La Galeotta”.

In this perspective of reconstruction, Yacht Concept was commissioned to carry out a preliminary design study: specifications, sketches, plans, project planning, and budget.

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